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2012 not only sees the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen but for two more of the country’s National  Parks. The Peak District, Lake District and Dartmoor all celebrated theirs in 2011 and this year it is the turn of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which celebrated the actual day on 29th February.  Also on 28th November, the North York Coast and Moors will celebrate 60 years as a National Park.  Last year I managed to visit Dartmoor and the Lake District as part of my photographic tour so this year I intend to include Pembrokeshire and the North Yorkshire Coast and Moors in my journey.  I had a brief visit to Pembrokeshire in 2007 but on this year’s visit, I intend to spend more time capturing the wonderful Northern coast.


I also have plans to revisit Cornwall, Norfolk and Suffolk all of which I have had brief photographic trips to before in 2006 and 2007 respectively.  I may find time to include part of the northern part of Essex in my East Anglia trip as it is one of the few areas of the country I have never visited.  Whilst in Suffolk I was hoping to revisit Benacre to photograph the marooned skeleton of an old Pine tree again but recently discovered that last winter’s storms may have at last removed it from the landscape forever.

Benacre Sands

I normally make two trips to Scotland each year and one of those trips this year will include my first photographic trip to the Cairngorms Nationa lPark, the largest in Britain and whilst in this area, I am hoping to cover at least part of the Moray coast.  If not there may be an opportunity on my second trip, final destination still to be decided.
Phew, justing typing these few words about my plans has taken my breath away never mind still having to complete all the planning and then to actually complete the trips.
Let’s hope I can stick to this year’s plan and we all have a great photographic year ahead.
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